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Happy Smiles Dentist Hornsby is dedicated to promoting good dental health to both children and adults, so they have the best chance to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile for life.

Why do you need routine dental checkups?

Regular dental checkups can prevent the need for major dental work in the future and is far more cost effective than allowing problems to go on undetected.

Checkups  help detect and treat Plaque, tartar, and cavities and gum disease. They also help to find any issues under the surface with dental x-rays as well as oral cancers and other issues.

It is almost never too early to get into the healthy habit of six-monthly dental visits. Children as young as three years of age are advised to visit the dentist for a regular check-up and clean so that they become familiarised with their local Dental Care Centre to help maximise their chances of achieving lifelong dental health.

What happens at a Dental Checkup Waitara?

The dentist and dental assistant will introduce themselves and ask if you have any specific concerns or issues with your teeth, gums or appearance of your smile. Next they will assess the current condition of your teeth and gums.

The dentist will undertake a thorough assessment of your teeth,gums and oral tissues. A comprehensive treatment plan is made for each person to ensure complete understanding the level of dental care required.

The dentist may request that digital dental x-rays be taken of your teeth during your check-up.

There are two types of x-rays that your dentist may suggest:

  • Small Dental x- Ray for individual teeth
  • OPG – a full mouth x-ray

For more extensive treatment planning, the dentist may obtain study models of upper and lower teeth and/or digital photographs of your face and teeth.

As part of your ongoing dental active maintenance program, your dentist may offer a scale and clean to remove tartar build-ups. A professionally applied fluoride application will assist in reduction of dental decay and decrease the sensitivity of your teeth.

Happy Smiles Dental Hornsby is committed to the promotion of good dental health and the education of all patients to help them achieve a beautiful, healthy, happy smile for life.

All procedures at Happy Smiles Dental Hornsby are carried out using state-of-the-art equipment in modern, friendly facilities which offer the convenience of extended opening hours. Sterilisation and infection control practices at Happy Smiles Dental Hornsby are subject to the highest quality standards for the health and safety of patients, employees and practitioners.

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